Soccer - The reason why the VILA NOVA- GO become small.

Last year, my brother and I, ENIO, then aged 55, business manager and a cheerer Athletical Goianiense, we're lunching at the Arab Corinthiano - SP MIGUEL and Family, son of deceased Mr. Elias, from whom are customers since 1964 still in the sector Sector Campinas, neighbors in the Av Araguaia , now at 83 street next to the corner of 94th Street, Central St., in Goiânia. Beyond the best Arab food of Brazil, good installation and attendance already of friendship, there was a table that would represent the VILA NOVA with the lineage of former controllers well as JOÃO CARNEIRO, WILSON BALZAQUI, ANDRÉ and PAULINO. At that time, Fluminense - RJ was almost declassified of the pantry by a team of one of these corners continental hiddings place of the country. 03 athletes of this team had been contacted by WILSON BALZAQUI and a fourth player was in the pretensions of a great club and therefore he asked larnstly to defend the Tigger. Wilson mensioned a cast to strengthen the team aiming at the disputes the series "B" of the Brazilian Championship, about 17 players whom ne contacted or took knowledge of wages and as to get the release of each on of them. Without wanting to disclose names, these indications to act for the local Colorado team, without fear and still sharing the opinion of my brother, the teams of famous village would have cast a more qualified team than the current one of the ATLÉTICO team which is already in the "A" series, at least theoretically. JOÃO CARNEIRO admired the concern of WILSON and added of that nothing would advance, "The current direction does not want our opinion and minimal contribution. I approached them and treated they had dealt with and me such way that I perceived that was not welcome!" it affirmed one of the controllers with bigger number of conquest in the Village, JOÃO CARNEIRO.

In short, controllers whose money to be reimbursed by the VILA NOVA had moved away because they do not receive and they had become accomodated before the current chairman of the board, CARLOS ALBERTO BARROS, because the controllers finance the team and as they are successful entrepreneurs in its professions does not have humbleness to change ideas.

In turn they find that they know everything and they are a disaster in the question acts of contract and loans, is enough to remember the case of center forward loaned to the SANTOS - SP, a team that who stole the right side of the fundamental category village team. The patrimony improved excessively, but thr soccer is sad. It seems that the biggest fans of the state will have to be satisfied by the 3rd consecutive year with the classification for the quadragular end.

Direction wakes up! During the voting for reformularization of the statute of the club, which would allow that a group of controllers contributed with a monthly importance and later removed the employed value with incomes, Wilson said it would not work, knowing team pragmatism. Until now it really didn't work!

With the team who made two goals in the victory against win 2 to 1 against the Senator CANEDO team then returning for the state series, apart from the subjective analujze, it will be a serious competitive candidate to the lower Brazilian Championship series "B", even with the arrival of coach ÉDSON GAÚCHO, who was last champion for the team.

The deceased primo CALIXTO COSTA, pensioner employee of the Bank of Minas Gerais; much before the GOIÁS coming to participate of the Club of the 13 and receiving something next the $ 10,000,000.00 (ten million dollars) a year, argued that for the VILA to contract it had to have as a parameter the best player of the state in that position.

I have confess to be surprised with players as CANARINHO and LUCIANO RATINHO whom had not played for the dearest local soccer team.

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