Slot cars

After waiting for the reply from California, deliverer of the products for automobile models of the SCX slot, since 11, i obtained to contact BRUNO from the marketing departament who and confirmed me an exclusive interview. Beyond the questions of a journalist matrix, it will be boarded, taking care of i appeal the consumer of the mark, the politics of the company not to commercialize rear-view mirror, airfoil, win g and others appendices of the body car or it without painting, because the Brazilian public prefers to invest in maintenance and to buy different other models for its collection.

The regulation of friendly competitions in GOIÁS wooden track with acordoalha does not exist magne tized; therefore if tere Slot car cracks alone it can participate of test with its body car damagead, during the race competition and conclude it, but for another test it will have to be complete. This measure compelled that the drivers cars invaded wholesalers of toys in search of parts for the body cars, wich is accepted for the race directors.

I believe that in 02 days in the maximum already it wil posted.

BRUNO anticipated the partnership made in 2008, between California Toys, the AYRTON SENNA Institute and SCX for production limited in 6000 (six thousand) exemplary ones for the whole world of M'cLaren MP4 / 6, model that consecrated the tri-championship F1 to the Brazilian driver. This model was dimmed for series Monaco Grand Prix also the SCX and that it comes folloied with the Williams of Nigel Mansel.

Enore Brião Bragança

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